Power Solutions

Kalina Power provides Build, Own Operate (BOO) and EPC power project solutions for a variety of applications in industrial energy efficiency and renewable energy. With particular focus on our core technology, the Kalina Cycle®, we can tailor a highly efficient, cost effective power solution for your operation or renewable source.

By integrating our power solutions host operations can benefit by streamlining their capital towards their core business, reducing their cost of power and decreasing their local carbon footprint. Our dedicated engineering team can analyse your industrial energy efficiency or renewable project by downloading a data sheet that best describes your project, completing it with your data, and sending it to us.

Steel, Ferro Alloy and other Metal Processes

By utilizing our power solutions your operation can generate up to 30% of its power usage, just from waste heat.

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Oil and Petrochemical Refineries

The Kalina Cycle® has been operating within the refining industry with high efficiency for over 8 years.

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Power Generation, Gas Turbines, Gas & Diesel Generators

Our power solutions provide a range of applications, and the unique ability to integrate Kalina Cycle® Technology to provide additional power from waste exhaust gases.

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Cement and Lime Industry

In 2011 Kalina Power awarded a global license to FLSmidth, for the worldwide (excluding China) exclusive EPC provider of Kalina Cycle® turnkey waste heat recovery solutions for the cement and lime industry.

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The Kalina Cycle® can generate up to 50% more power than competing technologies, particularly at low temperatures.

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Solar Thermal

The operating temperature of solar thermal is ideal for the Kalina Cycle® technology, resulting in increased net power generation, thereby improving project feasibility.

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Kalina Cycle®

The Kalina Cycle® is the most significant improvement in the steam power cycle since the advent of the Rankine Cycle in the mid 1800s. In a typical Rankine Cycle power plant, a pure working fluid, water or in the case of Organic Rankine, low molecular weight organic compounds, is heated in a boiler and converted into high-pressure, high temperature vapour which is then expanded through a turbine to generate electricity in a closed loop system.

The Kalina Cycle® utilises an ammonia-water mixture as a working fluid to improve system thermodynamic efficiency and provide more flexibility in various operating conditions. The Kalina Cycle® can improve power plant efficiency by 10% to 50% over the Rankine Cycle depending on the application. As plant operating temperatures are lowered, the relative gain of the Kalina Cycle® increases in comparison with the Rankine Cycle.

Kalina Cycle® Applications

Industrial Energy Efficiency

  • Cement
  • Glass
  • Petrochemical
  • Steel
  • Thermal power plants

Renewable Energy

  • Geothermal
  • Ocean thermal
  • Solar thermal

Kalina Cycle® Advantages

Kalina Cycle Graph

Unterhaching video

Virtual Tour of the 3.4MWe Kalina Cycle Geothermal Power plant in Unterhaching, Germany

Video Walkthrough of the plant and 3D animation of key elements for Kalina Cycle Closed Loop System.