Power solutions

Kalina Power provides Build, Own, Operate (BOO) and Licensing for power project solutions in a variety of applications in industrial energy efficiency and renewable energy. With particular focus on our core technology, the Kalina Cycle®, we can tailor a highly efficient, cost-effective power solution for your operation or renewable resource.

By integrating our power solutions, host operations can benefit by streamlining their capital towards their core business, reducing their cost of power and reducing their carbon footprint. Our dedicated engineering team can analyse your industrial energy efficiency or renewable project by downloading a data sheet that best describes your project, completing it with your data, and sending it to us.

Waste Heat to Power (WHP) – Recycling energy.

WHP is in the process of recycling discarded heat from industrial processes and power generation facilities to generate electrical power. Energy intensive industries such as petrochemical, cement, steel and glass making and power generation facilities, such as coal fired AND GAS FIRED power stations, make up a majority of waste heat opportunities. Kalina Power’s Kalina Cycle® is the most efficient way to capture low to mid temperature waste heat & transform it into power.

Renewable Heat

Harnessing low to mid temperature renewable heat is a major under-utilized global source of energy. Kalina Cycle Technology has been proven the most efficient to turn low to mid temperature heat into power in a variety of renewable heat applications. Geothermal resources are reservoirs of hot water that exist below the earth’s surface.

Build, Own, Operate

Kalina Energy Centre – Saddles Hills, Alberta, Canada

Kalina Power Ltd has developed a strategy for the deployment of a modularized Combined Cycle Power Plant using KALiNA Cycle technology as the bottoming Cycle (‘KALiNA CCGT’).

Kalina has identified a regional market opportunity to utilize the significant performance advantages of the KALiNA Cycle to enhance the performance and profitability of gas fired power plants. KALiNA’s feasibility and market analysis indicates an addressable market for the Company of over 500 MWe of gas fired production that would require up to 165 MWe of KALiNA Cycle capacity. Additional acquisition opportunities also exist within this market for the KALiNA Cycle to be utilized to leverage the value of existing power plants.

Kalina is targeting near-term commercial opportunities in the region that would utilise the KALiNA Cycle capability to leverage and enhance the economic returns of each project.

The company’s initial project at Saddle Hills is in an area of high electrical demand and favourable grid interconnection capacity along with gas supply and infrastructure suitable for Kalina Distributed Power (KDP)’s initial 64MW combined cycle project. The site has sufficient infrastructure in place to accommodate two, 32MW combined cycle power plants; each configured with a 22MW natural gas turbine and a KALiNA Cycle® module that will generate 10MW of zero-emissions power from the gas turbine’s waste heat.


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Steel, Ferro Alloy and other Metal Processes

By utilizing our power solutions your operation can generate up to 30% of its power usage, just from waste heat.

Oil and Petrochemical Refineries

The Kalina Cycle® has been operating within the refining industry with high efficiency for over 8 years.

Cement and Lime Industry

In 2011 Kalina Power awarded a global license to FLSmidth, for the worldwide (excluding China) exclusive EPC provider of Kalina Cycle® turnkey waste heat recovery solutions for the cement and lime industry.

Power Generation, Gas Turbines, Gas & Diesel Generators

Our power solutions provide a range of applications, and the unique ability to integrate Kalina Cycle® Technology to provide additional power from waste exhaust gases.


The Kalina Cycle® can generate up to 50% more power than competing technologies, particularly at low temperatures.

Solar Thermal

The operating temperature of solar thermal is ideal for the Kalina Cycle® technology, resulting in increased net power generation, thereby improving project feasibility.